The feature film ‘Srimanta Sankardeva' is directed by Surjya Hazarika and produced by Paran Barbarooah for S.H. Educational Trust, Guwahati. Srimanta Sankardeva (1449-1568 AD) was a giant personality. He persuaded the entire social, cultural, religious and ideological level of Assamese people. Around five hundred fifty years back he first built the bridge of cultural exchange between Assam and the rest of India .

Sankardeva's philosophical doctrines, religious teachings coupled with ‘Bhakti' liberalism and native genius evolved the ‘Eka-Saran-Nama-Dharma' meaning complete surrender to god through the medium of ‘Nam Kirtan' (chanting of holyname ).

Community worship begot community feeling and having done away with priesthood promoted democratic ideas and practices embarrassing wide section of people irrespective of their position at birth and even on faith.

Sankardeva's unique type of monastic or semi-monastic college Satra and community prayer hall-Namghar became a meeting place of the all section of community which is not only used for religious discourse but many aspects of rural economy came to be promoted through the mass use of agricultural products like pulses, earthenware, bell metal, brass etc. apart from cottage produce like bamboo and can product.

Srimanta Sankardeva, a sovereign personality, the greatest Assamese of all times because of his multifaceted and lasting contributions in all fields of life of human endeavor, philosophy, religion, literature, art and culture.

A profound scholar in Sanskrit, Sankardeva translated into Assamese the great works of Indian religion and thus laying foundation of the religion emotional and cultural uplink with the rest of India .

It deserved to be acknowledging that Srimanta Sankardeva gave form, character and content to the distinctive qualities of Assamese societies of his time bearing a rich legacy for generation to acclaim and to translate into reality his ideas progressively to suit the needs of our society which are more relevant now when we are at the threshold of 21 st century.

The feature film exhibits the immense contribution of Sree Sree Sankardeva in building communical harmony, religious tolerance, elimination of castisim, untouchability in the society beside his contribution towards the literary world classical dance, music both vocal and instrumental; his tenet of love for all living creatures of the universe, preservation of natures was also nicely depicted in this feature film.

The film, based on the final script by Surjya Hazarika from a story by Dr. Purnananda Saikia, has music from Sri Surjya Hazarika. It features a few popular Bargits and Naam Kirtan written and composed by Srimanta Sankardeva Himself. The other credits include cinematography by Samik Talukdar, art direction by Golok Saha, editing by Rupam Kalita and background scoring by Madhab Krishna Das. Dibakar Gogoi is the Chief Assistant Director. The cast includes Malaya Goswami, Guna Mahanta, Prithiraj Rabha, Dilip Kumar Baruah, Aditya Sankar Hazarika, Arindom Bora, Jyoti Bhuyan, Mrinal Goswami, Pulak Sabhapandit, Chandra Bhuyan, Robin Bhuyan , Prerona Bhuyan, etc.

Theme: The film takes the saint's multifaceted personality and touches upon the trials and tribulations that he faced and glories he achieved during his long life of 120 years (1449-1568).

Shooting Location: Jamugurihat, Biswanath Chariali Ghat.

Production Information: Transferring Tele-Cine from film negative to D5 at Prasad EFX, Chennai.Re-recording at Jyoti Chitraban (Film Studio) Society.










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